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Water-trips Prielomu Hornadu Slovak Paradise

Are you planning a Hornád water trips in the area of the Slovak Paradise, but you do not have the necessary equipment for that?

You can rent this equipment from us. Equipment for rent is available in our rental CUBE Adventure Slovenský Raj - TIC Čingov. You can float sections where you can be carried away by a stream of water but also moderately difficult, where it is necessary to be in good condition to be able to navigate without any problems. During the rafting you can admire nature and enjoy a cruise on the rapids. Equipment from renowned manufacturers and brands is available for rent.

It is ideal to book a canoe well in advance using the online form on our website.

  • 4 plastic canoe boats
Price list Online booking

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Terms of loan canoe for rafting

  • the person who has confirmed the receipt of the set with his signature is responsible for the canoe
  • each person is required to inspect the canoes upon receipt with the rental company
  • each person confirms by his signature the acquaintance with the use of the canoe
  • the canoe is returned adequately cleaned
  • if the canoe is damaged, even if the bug or damage is not visible, it is necessary to report it when returning
  • in case you want to extend the canoe rental period, you are obliged to notify us immediately
  • in case of loss or damage, an adequate amount of damages must be paid
  • the rental company is not liable for damages incurred by the customer in connection with the use of the borrowed material
  • the use of the canoe is at your own risk


Some important information or what you should know before rafting Hornád:

  • rafting is only suitable for swimmers!
  • rafting is not suitable for children under 10 years
  • we recommend rafting only to people who have already sailed something
  • everyone floats on their own responsibility. Children under 18 under parental responsibility
  • during the rafting it is necessary to follow the rules of rafting in the Slovak Paradise National Park
  • if the water level falls below the minimum level, it is not possible to float
  • if there is less water, the ship needs to be moved here and there for a shorter section
  • we recommend taking only the necessary things that the participants need into the boat
  • we recommend leaving unnecessary things in cars
  • it is possible to change clothes at the beginning of the rafting in natural conditions
  • use shoes with which you can go into the water, due to the danger of glass and sharp stones
  • in case of accident, jam or any problems it is necessary to contact the emergency line HZS 18 300
  • we recommend that you be properly insured
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Mária Černáková

Hello, the rental was very fast and reliable, the staff was nice and all questions were answered. We will definitely come again.

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Price list - Canoe rental Cube Adventure - Slovak Paradise

Plastic canoes / 2 people 1 day
120 €

The price includes export from Čingov to Hrabušice, toll, helmet and vest. The water level must be at the Hrabušice Mýto water level min. 70 cm (see SHMU). * Obligation for a rafting ticket purchased from the NP Slovenský raj website.

Online Booking Canoe - Slovak Paradise

Online booking is very simple and fast. Just fill out the following online booking form and submit. After sending the reservation, we will book a canoe for the day and you no longer have to worry about missing any more in the morning. Then all that is left for you is to pick it up on the given day in the time from 7:00 with us in the CUBE Adventure Slovak Paradise TIC Čingov at the entrance to the parking lot or in Chata na Rázcestí.

Number of plastic ships
Number of inflatable boats
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If you need to change or cancel your reservation of a ferrata set, please contact us by phone at +421 905 820 061. Thanks.

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