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Ferrata gear

Rental Ferrata for children Slovak Paradise

The children's ferrata in the Čingov resort is intended for children from the age of six and leads to two caves. Ferrata is 77 meters long.

Of course, parents must consider whether their child is fit and can handle the ferrata, parent resp. responsible representative for the youngest children he is also required to complete the ferrata with the child. The risers and guide rope are adapted to the child's step.

It is ideal to book a ferrata set well in advance using the online form on our website.

  • 98 Via Ferrata sets
  • 10 Via Ferrata sets for children
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children's ferrata Cingov slovak paradise slovak paradise children's via ferrata Cingov


  • the person responsible for the ferrata set is which, with its signature, confirmed the receipt of the set
  • everyone is required to confirm the ferrata file upon receipt with the rental company
  • everyone who has a signature confirms the acquaintance with the address of the ferrata set
  • use of the ferrata set is at your own risk
  • the ferrata set is returned adequately cleaned
  • if the ferrata equipment has been damaged, even if the defect or damage is not visible, it is necessary to report it upon return
  • in case you want to extend the rental period of ferrata equipment, you are obliged to notify this request
  • in case of loss or damage of the equipment, it is possible to pay damages in an adequate amount
  • the rental company is not liable for damages that may arise in connection with the application for the borrowed material
  • no ferrata gear is for specific purposes


Some important information or what you should know about Children's Via Ferrata:

  • accompaniment on the ferrata is mandatory
  • ferrata is not suitable for children under 6 years
  • the passage of the Children's Ferrata is charged at 5€
  • the ferrata is unidirectional, exclusively from the bottom up
  • the ferrata is closed for nature protection purposes from 1 November to 1 March
  • we recommend ferrata visitors to be properly insured