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The experience of climbing in the Slovak Paradise.

Ferrata gear

Ferrata set Rental Slovak Paradise

Are you planning a trip to the gorges of the Slovak Paradise, winter hike, ferrata output (via ferrata) but don't you have the necessary equipment for that?

With us you have the opportunity to rent this equipment - ferrata set. Equipment from reputable manufacturers is available for rent and brands. Equipment for rent is available in our rentals CUBE Adventure Slovenský Raj - TIC Čingov a Cottage na Razcesti

It is ideal to book a ferrata set well in advance using the online form on our website.

  • 98 Via Ferrata sets
  • 10 Via Ferrata sets for children
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via ferrata kysel slovak paradise slovak paradise ferrata kysel

Terms of loan VIA FERRATA SETS

  • when taking over the ferrata sets, present the ID card or passport to the rental staff on behalf of the customer
  • opening hours CUBE Adventure TIC Čingov 7.00-18.00, Cottage na Rázcestí 7.30-20.00
  • the person who has confirmed the receipt of the set with his signature is responsible for the ferrata sets
  • each person is obliged to check the completeness of the ferrata set upon receipt from the rental company
  • using the ferrata set, you will be clearly informed by a rental employee on request
  • the use of the ferrata set is at the sole responsibility of each user
  • the ferrata set is returned adequately cleaned, damage even if they are not visible, it is necessary to report when returning
  • in case you want to extend the rental period of ferrata equipment, you are obliged to notify us immediately
  • in case of loss or damage of the equipment, it is necessary to pay damages in an adequate amount
  • the rental company is not liable for damages incurred by the customer in connection with the use of the borrowed material


Some important information or what you should know when planning the crossing of the gorge Kyseľ:

  • ferrata is not suitable for children under 6 years
  • ferrata passage is charged at € 5 when purchasing a ticket via SMS or in the rental shop
  • in case of arrival to the gorge without a ticket, you will have to pay 10 € for the employee of the Slovak Paradise National Park
  • estimated time for ferrata crossing is 2 hours, the whole route from Čingov with return to Čingov takes up to 4 - 5 hours
  • the ferrata is unidirectional, exclusively from the bottom up
  • in case of accident, jam or any problems it is necessary to contact the emergency line HZS 18 300
  • individual sections of the ferrata are marked with boards with the name and number, which in the event of an accident will facilitate your localization
  • ferrata is closed for reasons of nature protection from November 1 to June 14, it opens every year on June 15
  • we recommend suitable waterproof high hiking boots, raincoat, spare clothes, plenty of fluids
  • in the event of a storm or prolonged rains, a higher water level must be taken into account, or the HZS gorge may be closed due to impenetrability
  • we recommend suitable insurance for HZS intervention to ferrata visitors