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The experience of climbing in the Slovak Paradise.

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Sightseeing flights Slovak Paradise

Flying in the clouds is an unforgettable experience. Let yourself be enchanted by the view from the bird's eye view of Spiš Castle, the majestic High Tatras, or the treetops of the Slovak Paradise.

With us, you have the opportunity to rent an airplane with the pilot for this experience. The flight starts after a short pre-flight preparation at the airport in Spišská Nová Ves or Hrabušice. The sightseeing flight lasts 15 to 120 minutes. It flies all year round, but in case of exceptionally bad weather, the flight may be moved to another date, or the route may be changed. Flights take place over the weekend, exceptionally in agreement with the pilot during the working week.

It is ideal to book the aircraft well in advance using the online form on our website.

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A few important pieces of information or things you should know before boarding a plane:

  • It is possible to fly only in optimal weather and wind force.
  • It does not fly in the rain and in strong winds.
  • The operator reserves the right to cancel the flight in case of bad weather.